Roofs for Troops - $500 Rebate for All Active Military, Veterans, and Retirees

Author: ERS Contractor

Comprehensive Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Your home is a significant investment, and proper maintenance is essential to protect its value. Your roof, one of the most critical components, deserves extra attention.  Neglecting roof maintenance can lead to leaks, damage, and costly repairs.  To ensure the longevity of your roof, follow this comprehensive roof maintenance checklist. Regular Visual Inspections: Examine Overgrown

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Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage: A Comprehensive Guide

As homeowners, we face the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature, and one of the most significant concerns is storm damage to our roofs. In times of misfortune, having insurance coverage and understanding the intricacies of roofing insurance claims for storm damage can be a saving grace. However, it’s essential to comprehend your policy’s specifics related

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The Ultimate Shield: Is Your Underlayment Up to the Challenge?

Florida’s tropical climate and stormy weather demand robust roofing solutions. Your home’s guardian against these elements is the roofing underlayment. But is it truly prepared for the challenges unique to the Sunshine State? In the picturesque neighborhoods of Florida, where sunny days can turn into torrential downpours and hurricane winds, your roof’s underlayment plays a

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Exploring Various Roofing Materials: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Home

When it comes to roofing materials, there is no shortage of options available in today’s market.  Choosing the right one for your home involves considering various factors, including your local climate, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Your roof is a critical part of your dwelling, and selecting the ideal material requires careful deliberation.  To assist you

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