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Essential Restoration Solutions (ERS) is your trusted partner for trusted roofing solutions in Florida. 

Not only do our team of licensed, insured, and certified roofing contractors excel in providing top-quality services for residential and commercial properties, but we also specialize in navigating the complexities of insurance claims.

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Born and raised in Florida, we understand the unique challenges our weather presents. From hurricane-induced damages to everyday wear and tear, our team has seen and fixed it all.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Navigating insurance claims can be daunting. Our specialists ensure you get the compensation you deserve, simplifying the process and maximizing your claim.

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Whether you own a cozy home in Miami or a bustling business in Orlando, ERS has the skills and expertise to cater to all roofing needs.

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Our licensed, insured, and certified roofing contractors use the latest techniques and top-grade materials to guarantee your roof stands strong against Florida's elements.

Essential Restoration Solutions (ERS) - Florida's Top Roofing Choice

Florida's Trusted Roofing Specialists

When it comes to roofing in the Sunshine State, Essential Restoration Solutions (ERS) stands atop the rest. We’re not just your regular roofing contractors; we’re Florida’s leading experts in roof replacement, repair, and insurance claim assistance.

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Essential Restoration Solutions (ERS)

Florida’s Top Roofing Choice

Your Trusted Florida Roof MastERS


Our roofing experts have over 20 years of experience as a licensed roofing contractor with knowledge of all local vendors to ensure you are getting the most affordable roof in the area.

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Do you need immediate help with a storm-damaged roof or home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal roofing in Florida is a popular choice due to its durability, especially considering our state’s weather. Explore options with ERS Contractor, offering a variety of styles and addressing all aspects, including costs, with transparent metal roof pricing in Florida.

The average cost of a metal roof in Florida can vary widely based on several factors, such as materials and labor. ERS Contractor provides an instant roof quote to help you understand your investment and navigate through the various metal roof costs in Central Florida and beyond.

At ERS Contractor, we are experts in helping homeowners navigate the intricate insurance claim process, ensuring you secure the compensation you deserve, especially after weather-related damages, a common concern in Florida.

Palm rats and roof rats in Florida can cause significant damage to your roofing. ERS Contractor can assess and repair rodent damage, ensuring your new roof remains secure and robust against potential infestations.

Abiding by the Florida building code for roofing and staying updated with changes, like the Florida roofing code changes in 2021, ERS ensures all roof replacements and repairs meet state regulations.

The best roofing shingles for Florida homes need to withstand our unique climate. ERS Contractor guides you through selecting the best shingles for Florida roofs from top-rated metal roof manufacturers and brands.

Yes, ERS Contractor offers expert roofing solutions, including repairs and replacements, to both Pasco County, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, FL residents, with specialized local services, such as managing roof rats in Tampa or selecting the best roof insulation for the St. Petersburg climate.

Absolutely, we cater to both residential and commercial entities, offering top-tier commercial roofing in Pasco County, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and across Florida, ensuring businesses stay secure and compliant with Florida roofing codes.

Located in the heart of Pasco County, ERS Contractor is your local, trusted roofing specialist. Our deep-rooted understanding of Florida’s particular weather patterns and architectural styles, especially in Pasco County, empowers us to provide tailored, robust, and durable roofing solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

While we are renowned for our metal roofing solutions, ERS Contractor is proficient in a myriad of roofing types and services. From traditional shingle roofing and modern gambrel roof houses to emergency roofing services and soffit repair, our expert roofers in Pasco County deliver excellence in various roofing materials and styles, ensuring you find the perfect match for your aesthetic and functional needs.

Understandably, Florida’s climate can sometimes be harsh and unpredictable. ERS Contractor is dedicated to providing swift emergency roofing services near Pasco County and across Florida, ensuring your home or business is safeguarded against further damage with prompt, reliable, and effective repair solutions.

Absolutely! Whether it’s a metal roof, shingle, or any other material, ERS Contractor commits to utilizing the best-rated metal roofing and top-quality materials from respected manufacturers in the USA. Our dedication to quality, coupled with expert installation and repair services, makes us a preferred choice for roofing in Florida.

Absolutely! What distinguishes ERS Contractor above others is not just our renowned roofing expertise but our comprehensive capability to handle diverse contracting needs with over 20 years of hands-on experience. Unlike many roofing specialists, ERS Contractor encompasses a seasoned team of general contractors proficient in a wide array of services beyond your roof. Whether you’re contemplating a home remodel, need assistance with window types, or have other construction projects, our seasoned team ensures you reap the benefits of streamlined, cohesive services under one roof. Moreover, our unparalleled expertise in securing the insurance monies you rightfully deserve provides an added layer of financial assurance and support throughout your home improvement journey.